My more than three decades as a registered nurse with expertise as a medical professional and specialized legal nurse consulting training to consult on medical-related cases, makes me qualified to work closely with attorneys as the nursing and healthcare system experts on the litigation team. 

My personal traits are key to the making of a confident accountable legal nurse consultant. I have an inquisitive interest infused with a desire to investigate and learn. I am a curious and analytical mind -medical records do not highlight or boldface what happened in a case. My analytical nature to investigate, inquire, dig and discover allow me to unearth all relative aspects to determine the merits of a case and continue throughout the complete workings of the case. 

As a Legal nurse consultant, I can bridge the gap between the medical and legal aspects of your cases. While you are the expert on legal issues, I am the expert on nursing, a medical insider and can see the total picture of the healthcare system, its inner workings-the real world where incidents occurred. 

I have reviewed and analyzed thousands of medical records in every specialty for medical necessity and adherence to nursing and medical standards. I can educate you and the jury about the medical aspects of your cases.

Trial No Error

We will review your case so you can proceed with absolute confidence

Why Hire Me?

With over three decades of extensive clinical experience I help litigators discover pivotal evidence to determine case merit and substantially increase results by identifying crucial or missing health data relative to causation and damages