Legal Nurse Consulting

Lynn Paladino RN, BS, CCM, CLNC

With over three decades of extensive clinical experience I help litigators discover pivotal evidence to determine case merit and substantially increase results by identifying crucial or missing health data relative to causation and damages

Cases Handled

Personal Injury

Accurate assessment of medical records is key to unlocking maximum compensation

Medical Malpractice

We are familiar with the standard of care in a hospital setting and can identify shortcomings

Product Liability

Big pharma and medical device companies will not evade our eye for detail

COVID-19 Litigation

I can bring unteachable experience from the front lines of the pandemic to your case

Worker’s Compensation & Disability

We provide a holistic assessment of the case including relevant medical history

Criminal Law

Translating medical reports into plan English is pivotal in making your case to a jury

Toxic Tort & Environmental

Without proper training, the impacts of environmental hazards can be easily missed

Five Reasons Attorneys Hire a Legal Nurse Consultant

1. To ascertain critical preexisting conditions

2. To identify missing medical records

3. To obtain a patient’s complete medical history

4. To uncover underlying medical conditions

5. To find or serve as an expert witness


Trial no Error

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Why hire a Legal Nurse Consultant?

The ability to distinctively clarify and simplify complex medical information within various internal hospital systems;

Dissecting and detailing how emergency services are provided, that will never be found in an emergency medicine textbook, thereby reducing or eliminating time spent with expensive medical experts/examinations;

Case review(s) based on analysis of thousands of medical records across all specialties for purposes of utilization review, medical necessity, and adherence to nursing and medical standards;

Understanding and navigation of electronic medical record documentation systems resulting in rapid interpretation of confusing records that often appear unrelated to each other;

Translating complicated medical information that can and will be used in court.